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Important Information and News

  • WE’VE MOVED – Please mail your payments to:  5935 S. Zang Street, Suite 295, Littleton, CO  80127
  • Due to new CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) regulations, we are required to send (via mail or electronically elected by the borrower) a monthly statement to all mortgagees. If you are receiving a mailed statement and would rather receive your statement electronically, please let us know and we can set you up to receive all documents/correspondence electronically.
  • Please note that Colorado homeowners are experiencing increases in homeowner’s insurance premiums.  The increases are due to large natural disasters the state has experienced over the last few years.  If your premium increases over $250.00 annually we will call you to let you know and give you ample time to explore options to mitigate the cost increase.
  • For all Arizona escrowed loans, we pay the 2nd half of your 2014 property taxes in April.
  • For all Wyoming escrowed loans, we pay the 2nd half of your 2014 property taxes in April.
  • For all Colorado escrowed loans, we will pay the 2nd half of your 2014 taxes on or about June 01, 2015.
  • For all escrowed loans in other states, we have your property taxes scheduled for payment per your state’s due date schedule(s).


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