We Are All About Service

We provide personalized, flexible service to our partners and TSG-serviced borrowers. We treat everyone like family.

Today, the mortgage and/or lease servicer that a financial institution and/or investor selects to service their mortgage and/or lease portfolios is viewed as an extension of the overall service package each delivers to their members/customers. As such, choosing a mortgage and/or lease servicer that parallels the same member/customer service that your financial institution strives for is a key to each institution’s overall success.

At The Servicing Group (TSG), we understand the member/customer service needs of our partners. Our mortgage servicing partners are able to tailor the level of servicing they desire, from basic servicing that includes receiving/posting payments, collections, escrow management & analysis, and more, to default/foreclosure management. Our lease servicing partners have to devote minimal time to their lease program beyond the initial lease approval – TSG handles the lease administration after the lease approval. Our lease servicing partners will have to devote minimal time to the program other than the initial lease approval – we handle the lease administration after the approval. TSG is compliant with the recently implemented Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations and requirements.

TSG is also an approved Sub-Servicer for the Federal Home Loan Bank’s Mortgage Partnership Finance (FHLB MPF) program (both traditional and Xtra) so our partners can take advantage of the FHLB MPF program. In addition, our partners and borrowers can have peace-of-mind in knowing that we house and run our servicing software at a state of the art data center with state of the art software.

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The Servicing Group, Inc. (TSG) is a Loan/Lease servicing company with over 35 years of combined experience, focused on providing exceptional service for mortgage and lease portfolios for our financial institution partners. We provide superior servicing at a lower cost that includes 24/7 online access convenience to loan data for both partners and borrowers alike.